23 Jan 2017

Meet the Maker Monday - Introducing Ruth Hawkes owner of Ruth's Arty Experience

At Hand Made Yorkshire, we want to introduced to you our artists, crafters and designer makers, their wonderful work and where you can find them.

This week it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our latest contributor to MEET THE MAKER MONDAY,  Ruth Hawkes owner of Ruth's Arty Experience .

Ruth creates arty experiences for children..... But I'll let her tell you her story in her own words. 

This is what she told me...

How long have you been a designer maker? 

I've always loved making things, as a teenager I'd always be getting glue and paint on my bedroom carpet while making something instead of doing my homework! I took Ceramics A-level and fell in love with clay and all its opportunities. I trained and worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 12 years but my passion has always been for art and making things. I have made beaded jewellery, greetings cards, felt pieces, painted material wall hangings, ceramic sculptures and much more.

What do you do?

 My passion and experience has equipped me well for what I do now, which is providing exciting and innovative process art workshops for childcare settings and schools, as well as a weekly club for families at Romanby WI Hall on Monday mornings and Arty Parties by appointment. 

My aim is to bring true joy and exploration to art. I have had adults comment that they would love to 'experience' my art workshops and I am bringing my Arty Experience to an Expressive Retreat coming up at the beginning of April!

How did you choose your business name and what’s the meaning behind it? 

I think Ruth's Arty Experience describes well what I do, as I want to provide a safe place for children (and adults) to 'experience' creating and experimenting with art without focusing on an end product, which people can get hung up about and if it doesn't turn out how they were expecting they can become demoralised and dismiss the idea that they are creative.

Do you run your business full time or balance another job as well? 

I am a mum to two lively young children so it doesn't leave much time for my business at the moment. I have great support from my husband and father who take care of the kids when I do my workshops, parties and business admin. And when the children are in school I will have more time to expand my business.

How do you make time for it all?

 Lots of multi-tasking e.g. thinking up new art activities while lying next to my children getting them off to sleep, or doing business emails while having a conversation about Peppa Pig!

What’s your favourite thing about running your business?

 The freedom to take the business where I want, if I have ideas I don't have to check it with anybody else, I can just go for it!

Of all the things you’ve ever done, which has been your favourite?

 Bringing Ruth’s Arty Experience to the unique childcare setting Mini Explorers Nursery and taking the art workshop outside and using nature’s treasures to create art work e.g. paint brushes made with leaves, dripping fir cones and rolling conkers. It really encouraged my creativity to think of different art activities to complement the nursery’s outdoor ethos.

Describe your business in three words?

 Exploration, joy, art

I have a love hate relationship with?

 Computers! I couldn’t do without them but they do frustrate me!

What inspires you?


If you'd like to book Ruth she can be found at the following places

Tel: 07855 395747
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ruthsartyexperience

I think you'll agree, Ruth's passion shines through. Art is something everyone can do, but only children do it with wild abandon and without judgement.
How many kids have you heard say “Oh no…. I can’t draw/paint?” and how many adults have you heard saying the same?
Sadly today, kids education is more about academic subjects than creative ones. Art and craft is not a choice or a cop out, we are all born creators, hopefully the kids who are being allowed to express themselves this way will never be bored, never rely solely on technology for entertainment.

Thank you Ruth for letting me interview you. Keep that creative spirit going! 

Warm wishes and happy crafting!
Sue xox

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